Check Ups and Circumcision

After much discussion, and some research we decided to get Lucas circumcised. Don’t worry, there are no pictures of anything, but the appointment gave me an opportunity to take some sweet little pictures of him. 
We did the second PKU test for him. He was really good about getting his blood drawn. 
Skinny stretches. 

One this I hadn’t had a chance to photograph was Lucas’s harry back. 

It is the softest hair, on top of the softest skin. I love to stoke his back. He is just so sweet. 

This is Dr. Liu. We told her that Mirah wanted to be a doctor when she grows up, and she thought that was so cool. So she had Mirah hop up on the examination table and help check Lucas out. 

Mirah has been talking about how she heard Lucas’s heart beat all day.
So, Dr. Liu explained she would be doing the procedure. She talked about what she would be doing, and about the healing process. Long and the short. He would bleed, for a few days. We would need to put gauze on he penis for 3 days, and then petroleum jelly on it for a week. No baths while it was still healing, as to prevent infection. I was surprised to find myself welling up as she described it, check with me if we have any family history of bleeding disorders…at that I started to cry. I had planned on going in with him, but when I asked if I could come, Dr. Liu said, “I don’t think it would be a good idea. You are already pretty emotional.” She was right I think. (more on that in a moment.) She took him into another room. She was gone for about 20 minutes. When he came back he was asleep and seemed totally fine. I think that she was right to keep me out because by the time we got home, his diaper was full, and as I opened it to change him, the blood and gore that met me caught me unprepared. He started screaming, I started crying. At that moment my mom came in. She has this look of like, “oh dear,” on her face. 
Here we are a little while later. 
On positive notes:
The next few days brought a visit from some sweet cousins who were excited to hold Luke. 
Asher petting him. 

Grandpa Hite also sent a new onsie to celebrate his birthdate. 
AND, the swelling in my hands and feet is getting SO much better. 
So the circumcision was horrifying. Things are still getting a little more normal. 

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