Qualtrics Summer Party

Where has the year gone? How is it the Quatircs summer party already? 
The party was in the old Tahitan Noni gardens. Qulatrics now owns the building…
Our first appearance at an event since Lucas was born. 
We brought mom along since she was living with us at the time. 
Dinner was just alright for us. Good wood BBQ catering. 
They did go all out this year. Every area of the gardens had another activity to try. 
MIrha didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to draw with markers. I waited in line for the face painter, while they colored. 
She had a purple frog made by the balloon artist. 
Me, Mom, and Lucas while Mirah got her face painted. 

I got a little butterfly to match. 

For desert: Snow Cones from our favorite place!!!
My lovely Mama. 

Then we went out for the rides.
Karl hit the bell. 
And missed out on his dream to ride the zipper, since single riders were not allowed and no one would go with him. My thought is that we can’t both die. 

Mom and I ran home for feed Luke, and while we were on our way to the car we saw the firework show set up…
When we got back, Mirah and Karl were in line fore the ferris wheel, and the fireworks were about to begin. They watched from the line. I sat on the grass with my mom. 

As the show ended, our turn arrived at the wheel. 
It was so late, and you could see it on Mirah’s face. 

Mom and Mirah walking back to the car together after a super fun night. 

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