Sunday Maxin’ and Relaxin’

After a few attempts to be a little more active I find that I am still not quite up to my active lifestyle. I don’t feel quite up to being out among people yet, and even thinking of breastfeeding in public gives me a total panic attack. Thankfully, my mom is still here. She has been such an amazing help to be these past couple of weeks. What would I do with out her. Our routine has consisted of Mirah waking her up, they make and eat breakfast, then they bring me some food. I roll out of bed sometime after 9, or stay in bed while my mom and Mirah do house work, or run an errand. 
This is the face of an angel, with a baby:
I put him in this little number today so my mom would know that we really appreciate all she does. 
My face is still swollen. Eyes still puffy. However, I have lost all of my pregnancy weight, so that is good. 
Father and son. 
Two weeks in, everyone is still pretty tired. Still, baby. 

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