The first 48

I had been in my recovery room just 20 minutes when a familiar face popped in!!
They had just finished in the nursery, so Karl have in with our little bundle of joy!

Cam and Sloan came about 45 minutes later. 
An hour after that Krysta, and Karen, and Mirah arrived. 
Mirah was SO excited to meet her new baby brother. 

She was a little nervous and tentative at first. 
But it seemed to fade once she got to hold he herself. 

Betsy and Nick stopped in and brought me a Sushi Burrito. AHHHH so good. 
Then, Karl and my mom left for the night, and it was just me and little Mr. 

Sunday , I finally got that shower I needed so badly. 
Squishy baby movements. 

On Sunday, Mirah stopped by again, just long enough for her to open her gift from Lucas. It was a baby doll called Little Brother. 

She was more confident about holding him that day. 

Malia came on Sunday.  She stayed and held Lucas for a couple of hours while Karl and I passed out. 

Karl finally got tome awake time with him. 
New room, new board. 

Other visitors included Mary on Sunday, and Adam and Belle that day too. 
They finally took me off magnesium on Sunday, which meant no more IV’s which meant I could go to the bathroom on my own. MIrah ate a million chicken soups while I was there. I never had any.
Monday at 3:30, we finally were on our way out. Home again home again jiggity jog. 

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  1. Congrats! He's adorable! I can't get over that dimple, it's so cute!!! He already looks like he's smiling in some of those pictures. I can't wait to meet him in person!!! I hope y'all are doing well and are adjusting. We love you!!!

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