The Delivery

Here I am legs crossed, looking chubby, but relieved that we were having a vaginal birth!!
We were set and ready to go!
This was my monitor. The blu lines are the contrations. The red lines are Lucas’s heart rate. 2 and a half mintes of pushing, 3 pushes later…and Lucas Pipkin Hite was born!!!
Right from me, to the doc, to my chest. They didn’t even clean him off first. They just gave me my little buddy. I was obviously emotional. And very much in love. 

They tucked him in to my shirt for some skin to skin. I could have stayed there forever. 
FYI: The stuff all over Lucas, is called vernix caseosa. Dr. Dabling said it is on babies to help protect against the amniotic fluid. It usually is mostly gone in babies born near their due date, but since he came a little early, he is covered in it. It literally felt like he was covered in sticky destine…cutely.  
He looks like he was in a fight. 
Eventually, they took him and got him all checked out and a little cleaned up. 

I don’t know what is happening here. 
6 pound 2 ounces. 19 inches long. 
While they were cleaning out his mouth and ears, upon my request, I asked Dr. Dabling to see the placenta.  She was excited to show it to me. 
She showed me what part was attached to my uterine wall, the amniotic sac, and where the umbilical  cord connected. 
Meanwhile little brother was settling down.

Last time, when we were all done, and I was all sewn up, they kind of shewed us out of the delivery room. They time, they gave a couple of hours after delivery, to just take our time to go downstairs. The nurse brought me a sandwich. I kissed Lucas. We got our stuff together. I hugged Lucas. We took a little nap and looked at our view some more. I gave Lucas an eskimo kiss. They slowly took us downstairs to the nursery. Because I was on Magnesium they wanted to get me to bed, and settled while Karl and Lucas got all set up and cleaned up.  

Here they are in the nursery. 

After about 45 minutes there was a face at the window…
It was Grandma Pippy!!!

In. Love.

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