Weird Week of Visitors and Visits

Knowing now that this was my last week with one kid…I am glad to know I was with my little Mirah. 
I had been really sick. My blood pressure had been really high, and I was swelling, and not sleeping. My appetite was all over the place. Bland, simple foods were all I could stomach.
A couple of times in the last few weeks we went to the cafe at Target for dinner. All I wanted was a pretsel and bread sticks. GROSS, I know. But it was what I wanted.
Here were are, sharing a lemonade. 
Thursday, Maryn and Belle came over to help me out. We went to story time at the Library. 
Mirah loves her Aunts. 
When we got home Belle and Mirah made cupcakes for dinner that night. 

Mirah was especially excited about the sprinkles.
She was having a fun time cooking. 

We rested together that afternoon. Our last ladies nap together. Just the two of us. 
We watched adventure time. 
And held hands. 
She is such a big girl. Still her hands are so small. 
That evening we had a full house. 
Adam and Belle. 
And Maryn too.
They all helped me make dinner and get the house ready for Tia, Zeke, Mechanize and Julie to come and stay the night. They also came and had dinner. 
Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, watermelon, and green beans. With strawberry cupcakes, of course, for dessert. Mirah loving her meal. 

It was a weird night. Mirah had two accidents that day, and we were starting to worry she had a UTI, so we had an appointment at the after hours clinic to get her checked out at 7:30 PM. 
Dinner started at 6:00, at around 6:30 Maryn spotted a little girl on the street. She was in her PJ’s no shoes. Walking towards 800 East, alone. She was about to cross the street, when Maryn and I ran out to her. She was 2 or so. Very little language. She couldn’t tell us her name. She couldn’t tell us where she lived. Who her parents were. So we started knocking on doors. No one seemed to know who she was. So we called the police. Adam started walking the streets trying to find a group that was looking for her, and we waiting in the front yard for the officer to arrive, or someone to come looking for her. An amazing sister from our ward came up on her bike, looking terrified and relieved. The little girl was her grand daughter. They kids were all over, and they thought she was asleep, then found she was missing. The officer arrived and didn’t stay to long. They talked for a minute and she took her home. 
We had to run to the doctors office to be on time for our appointment. 
After waiting over an hour once we got there we finally spoke to the physician and be examined Mirah. He determined not a UTI, but probably constipation.  Sigh. 

When we got home it was late. The kids were all in bed and Maryn had returned to Salt Lake. 
Adam, Belle, Tia and Julie were downstairs talking. They had cleaned up after dinner and were just enjoying their time together. We stayed up late laughing and reminiscing. It was really nice. The Sumatea’s are family. 

The next morning everyone was up bright and early. 
Here is Kenzie, the cute little blondie. 
My only picture of Tia and Julie 
We tired to get pictures of kids. 
It was…not very successful. 

We waved goodbye to our old friends and headed off to the hospital for some testing. 

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