Last FHE just us Three

So as I write this blog, a week and a half has passed since this Monday evening. I sit with a baby wrapped on my chest instead of squishing my bladder. I had very little idea on this day that my life would be like this just a week later. So it is weird not to mention it while posting, it feels like a million years ago. 
It had been a hot weekend and a hot day, so the thought of shave ice was so good to me. So after FHE we went out for a drive and got some. 
We have finally wised up and asked for a small empty cup to share with Mirah. I can hardly finish a small, and this we we can each get what we want. And Mirah still gets her own. 
 She just looked so lovely that night. 
 Me looking SWOL. 

 amazingly she didn’t get anything on her dress! 
 Her hands, face and hair were another sticky story. 
She was totally WIRED at bed time. We had fun in the bath though. EVERYTHING was hilarious. 

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