Mario Brothes Party for Judah and Asher

It was a day for birthday parties!

Karl and Mirah made some EPIC cards for Judah and Asher.

The party was at Nickel Mania and it was Mario Brothers Themed!

Nick was in charge. He got the kids Mario hats and Malia got the mustaches. I might be wrong. Malia and Nick made this thing happen.

Asher trying to show me a Luigi Jump.

Mirah dressed up as Peach.

These cuties. Judah refused to put on the mustache even for the picture.

So Malia put it on for him. 🙂

Now this is something I am SURE Malia did this one:

It was a well set table.

We were all excited to find an old school Mario Brothers game.

We were at nickel city so we played some games! Malia handed us a couple of bags of Nickels and we were off!


Then Mirah found her favorite machine of all time. Lucas was pretty stoked too.

After a bunch of games and candy, it was time for Pizza!!

The ONLY snag in this perfectly planned party was that the table next to us was SO overcrowded that it made it pretty uncomfortable for us at our little table.

Boopy and Rachel and Hazel and baby Lucy were there too.

It was time for some cake and our little party was ready!

Happy Birthday Judah and Asher!

Then the fight for which part of the cake everyone got was on.

Asher got the Pink Star!

The Party.

Present time!!

We gave them vouchers, and they didn’t really get them.

Oh well.

Here’s something funny:

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