Afton’s Cowgirl Party

It was our fun buddy Afton’s 6th birthday party. Afton wanted a Cowgirl party, not a Pony party. Cowgirl with horses.

Mirah was so cute in her little cowgirl outfit. She was SO excited about the hats. She just wanted to have a cowgirl hat.

Our buddy Dane was there too, but I just wanted to hang with his mom and stay in his Jammies. It became a point of contention for him. He ended up screaming a throwing such a fit that I helped take him upstairs so Dev could do the party.

Sam eventually came in and I went back down in time to play a fun horse game with the girls.

After the horse game Mirah got to paint her own figure of a horse.

She was very excited about her pony.


Everyone got to paint a pony, and here they all are drying on the counter.

Then it was time for the stick horse race.

All the ladies getting ready and waiting.

Devanie did a Demo of the game for everyone.



All the girls got a chance race. It was so cute.

Then it was time for the “pull” pinata.

They all took turns pulling a string.

Mirah waiting her turn.


It was fun and fast and the girls had a great time.

Next of thing, was this beautiful birthday cake.

Mirah and Afton, getting ready for the cake.


Happy birthday to Afton!

Then presents!

And cake time.

Such a fun party!

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