My Birthday

It’s was my brithday this week! Yeah,  I love my birthday. This was no exception. The day was just right.
We went to breakfast with Adam and Belle at Guru’s. 
Getting so puffy. 
I had the eggs benny and of course the blue berry pancakes. 
After breakfast Belle took Mirah for me and and I went and got my feet done. 
Yeah, that’s the stuff. 
We met up for lunch at Inn and Out. 
When I got home from lunch, there was this great card in the mail from my brother Cameron. My family is the best. They all called, sang and wished me a happy birthday. 
I took a nap that afternoon, it was amazing. 
Krysta came and woke me up. We sat and chatted and then she stayed with Mirah while Karl and I went out to dinner at my fave place:
Texas Road House. 
Free App for my birthday. I would have gotten the onion blossom, but it would have had me up all night with acid refulx. 
My constant craving in pregnancy:
Crunchy Salads. 

Karl’s Steak Salad.
Yes, I got the ribs. SO good. 

This is where the pictures stop.
When we got home out house actually became filled with people.
The Whitmore’s including Zac’s sister Cassidy were there and they even brought good old Graham along! It was SO amazing to see him.

Then the Lund family was there too. Millie, Alice and Ivy had all made me gifts of necklaces made of dental floss and shells. SO CUTE.  Mary, made me a birthday cake. Home made from scratch. With home made cream cheese icing.

Belle and Adam where there of course. Belle had been showering me with little gifts all day. So sweet.

Nick came too, with the boys. Betsy had mutual that night.

Everyone stayed late, they sang me happy birthday. It was wonderful!

A wonderful full day. Thanks to everyone who made it so special. 

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