Weekend Away

For my birthday, our anniversary and for our baby moon we planned a little weekend in Salt Lake. Because I am SO pregnant and uncomfortable these days things needed to be simple an low key. 
Jim and Lynnelle were so sweet and took Mirah for us for Friday night and the better part of Saturday. This is how we left them:
We made our way up to the city. We stayed in the Little America. 
Our first stop was the hotel pool and hot tub! 
Then out to the movies, to see the movie I had been waiting to see all year:
Jurassic World!! 
The most magical part about this little stay away…sleeping in until almost 11 AM. It was pretty amazing. 
We rolled out of bed and were off to another movie! 
The hotel fountain on our way out. 
We had the worst Indian food ever for lunch. 
Karl’s face says it all.

Then off to see Mad Max: Fury Road. 
We were the only people in the Theater! 
We loved the movie.
We stopped at IKEA for a few little things, and then hurried to University Mall to meet the gang at Inside Out. Jim, Lynnell, Betsy, Judah, Asher, Mirah Karl and I sat together. I cried for the LENGTH of the film. 
Yes, we saw three movies in 2 days. It was pretty much all we could do. 
A really nice time. 
Thanks to Jim and Lynnelle for taking good care of Mirah for us while we were gone. 

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