Outing with Grandpa Hite

So Karl’s mom Lynnelle took me shopping for my birthday.  While we were out, Jim, Karl’s dad took Mirah out with him. He told us her was going to the hardware store to get us a new toilet seat (which he did, thanks Jim) but while he was out he passed a little carnval and decided to give Mirah a good time! He took these fun picrtures of all of the rides he put her on to prove what they did. ; )

On the Merry go round:

They went on the ferris wheel together. 
They road on the motor cycles. 
And on the UFO’s
She also went on the roller coaster, and loved it. There is a video I can’t get to load.

Thanks so much Jim for taking such good care of Mirah. She had a great time with you. ALSO, she can’t stop talking about it. I think you really won her heart with this special time together. She loves you so much. 

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