Art Projects

We’ve had these two blank canvases for a while. We wanted to put some art on them. This last week or two, we finally got it done.

Project 1. Initial “L”, just in case the baby has a name starting with L.

Some newspaper has entered the home. Chop it so it’s mostly just words.
Pasting strips.
Very intense work.
A couple of sheets of tissue paper later:
It’s aight.
Project 2 took inspiration from here:
I painted the thing green and let Mirah help.

She put some cool texture into the paint which will look cool with all the hard geometric lines.
A lot of math and measuring later, we’ve got some lines with tape.

Making equilateral triangles with no protractor:

Black like the universe, splattered starry colors, like stars.

Remove the tape.

On the wall
Not bad. Compare to inspiration: 

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