Swim Lessons Week One

So Mirah started swim lessons this week. It is a two week course and she was so cute and great!
Here she is on her first day, in her new bathing suit! 

This was her teacher, Ben. 
She went right with him. No tears, just excitement. 
I was worried, but the water they learn in is only 3 feet at the deepest, and the teachers only have 4 kids in a class. I relaxed a little. Yeah, I was more nervous that Mirah. 
First day was not very successful, so we moved her down to the lower class. 
So on Tuesday we moved to Maddie’s class and it was the PERFECT move. 
Also on Tuesday on our way to class we got a flat. Karl came and saved us. And was able to get a glimpse of Mirah in action. My hero. 

Little Lady Fishy.

Motor Boat kicks. 

Friday since Mirah had done so well at class all week, I promised her a donut. 

Turns out it was National Donut Day, so they were selling them as fast as they could make them.

Mirah and I didn’t mind that they were hot and crunchy.

Mirah has been extra tired in the evenings this week. 
Go figure. 

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