Bumble Bees

So this one is a restaurant review.

While up in Salt Lake Valley visiting my brother’s family and my new nephew this week, I decided to make a little stop by Bublebee’s BBQ and Grill on my way home for lunch. 

Bumblebee’s is this K-pop Korean BBQ place on State street around 8000 N. 
I LOVE Korean BBQ. This place takes American classics and mashes them up with Korean BBQ. 
I have been dealing with seasonal allergies this week. Watery eyes, runny nose, etc. So I thought a little spice might clear my head.

I was right. 
On my brother’s recomendtiaon I got the Mr. Kim burger. 
Yes, that is an egg. With Kimchi, and BBQ sauce and a burger, lettuce onion and tomato on a yummy bun. 
I also got the K-Pop fries. That is fry sauce and spice Korean BBQ sauce over fresh fries and bulgogi. Which is pork, marinaded in goodness. 
I got Mirah the kids meal, since all of this would have been a little too intense for her. 

Two thumbs WAY WAY Up. SO good.

Side note. Mirah and I had fun while we waited. 

We even played our first successful game of tick tac toe. 
Baby hands. 

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