Meeting Reese

Here he is…not even two days old yet!
Reese O’Connor Pipkin

Born on Monday June 1, 2015 at 5:45 PM. 
Parents and baby are doing well…but all still pretty tired. 🙂

 Reese was so sleepy when we arrived but began to perk up a little while sitting with his dad. 

 One eye, deciding if waking up is going to be worth it. 
 The Pipkin Boys. 


 Mirah and Sloan played…ok together while we sat and talked about Kelly’s amazingly quick labor! 5 hours of labor and 2 MINUTES of pushing!! Amazing!!! 
 Mirah wanted all of the blocks. 
Reese and a little lunch, and then it was time for some Mama snuggles. 

Love this little family! 
Makes we excited to get my own little boy in a couple months! 

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