Teddy Bear Picnic

I have to admit, Utah Valley is a great place for families. There are always things going on for kids and the summer time is the stuff dreams are made of in that regard. 
For example, this week was the 30th annual teddy bear picnic at the Orem Library.
So Mirah and I headed over Tuesday afternoon to watch the show and have a little picnic. 

Well, mostly just to hold a dolly and eat cookies that our friends brought. 
We joined out friends the Lunds as the show started. 
Alice and Mirah. 
Ivy and her little dolly. 

And Millie. 
Mary and I were there too-but not photoed. 
The theme of the summer reading program this year is “Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think.” The theme of the teddy bear picnic this year is “May the Forrest Be With You.” So it was kind of a Star Wars/ Green theme. 
The MC:
Science presentation. 
A puppet show! 
It was a Star Wars themed story. Mirah wanted to join in. 
I had to get up in the middle since my pregnant body gets mad at me if I sit too long. It was a cool event and lots of people came. 
We met some of the puppets after the performance. Mirah was a little nervous at first, but eventually warmed up. 
Let summer reading begin! 

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