Hogel Zoo with Brookie!

It was the first sunny weekend in a month! And we had a sweet playdate all lined up. 
Mirah and her best buddy Brooklynn would be together again! We were meeting up a the Hogel Zoo in North East salt lake. Look at how green it is! The rain had really brightened up everything. 
As we met up and entered the park we were greeted by this guy. Mirah didn’t love him, so Karl had to take her closer. Brookie was INTO it. 
You see the Hogle Zoo is doing:
Which means there are bunches of exhibits of animatronic dinosaurs out to see and interact with all over the park. 
Chase and Yeon Mi Hicken were there too, and of course lady Kennedy. 
The girls were immediately into it. 

Here they are looking at the giraffes. 

More dinosaurs. Mirah was nervous. 

Touching a real lion skull outside the lion enclosure. 
Baby dinos!

Taking a drink at the famous lion drinking fountain. 


Mirah being dragged to see this braciasauras. 
The day was getting warmer and the kids were getting hungry so we stopped for some lunch. 

The girls tired of sitting so the played and ate while the grownups relaxed. 

After eating we checked out the Elephants. 
Then to our favorite part of the zoo:
Mirah doing this again. 

Swaping shoes. 
And hats.

The show started and Mirah was INTO it. 
Out favorite part is when the birds swoop right over our heads. 

After the show we did a little more looking around. 

We even made it over to the eagle’s nest. 
This is Mirah’s third time to the zoo:
Here in 2013
We saw the seals, and the polar bears and the kids were getting tired so we said farewell to the zoo headed home. 
Such a fun day!!

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