Baby Boy’s Rainbow Blanket

So my baby project for the month of June was supposed to be a rainbow blanket.
It was just a little over a year ago that I made Mirah her Rainbow blanket.

For more info on this project and the history behind it she this post:

Looking ahead at the upcoming weeks I was worried that I wouldn’t have time to work on it much in June. Plus, I was able to find a SWEET Memorial day sale on all of my fabric and batting. I spent close to $50 on Mirah’s quilt. With the sweet sale I spent just under $20! I had all of the materials and was feeling motivated, so I did it this week!

Wednesday I washed and ironed all of my fabric.
The patter I made is based on my own rainbow blanket. I use 10 colors instead of 9 however. I do so because I like buying the fabric in 24 inch segments instead of another measurement. It means that I can cut my strips 6 inches wide allotting for about a quarter inch seam on each side leaving the final product with 5 and a half inches wide. I am including all of this info here for the next time I try to make one. I had to redo all of my configurations which took a bunch of time.
So, long story short I bought 24 inches of 10 different color fabrics.
60 Inches of 48 inch wide batting. I should have bought wider batting for next time. I ended up having to take off a few inches for each side to compensate.

It took me the better part of a morning to get the fabric washed, dried and the ironed in half and trimmed.

So I used a rotary cutter and a stencil to cut 6 inch strips. I had to trip off edges and clean up the fabric too.

The strips once cut.

It took a 3-4 hours to get them all cut. 

I had 4 strips of each color that were all the same size. Then sewed two of each together. 
Making two long strips of each color. 
This sewing only took an hour and half or so. 
Even though the fabirc is made by the same company and is from the same line each bolt had a pretty variable amount of fabric on it so my strips were all different lengths which is something that I knew would happen but I just wanted to make a note of it here. 
Then the really long part. It took me the better park of 6 hours to sew all of the strips together. 
I lined them using the middle seam as my starting point since they were such different lengths. then sewed them together. 
Last time I used matching thread for each color, but this time I decided to just used a good cotton poly white thread to save me some time and sanity. 
Top and bottom we all sewn together. 
With Karl’s help, we lined up the fabrics with the batting in place.
We centered the batting, and then trimmed the long edges of colors. We then pinned three of the 4 ends together starting of course with the short sides since if they don’t line up well it would be more obvious. I removed the batting before we pinned. Once the three sides were sewn together we turned the fabric right side out and put the batting back in. 
These pinning steps with a second set of hands only took about an hour. Get a second set of hands. 
We then starting from the middle line, pinned the last end closed. 
All closed up. 
I then bound the blanket with a zig sag stitch in matching colors along each color. I did my best to match each side of fabic to the other. It is NOT perfect. This took about an hour and a half to two hours.  
Then, trimmed extra thread and DONE!
It is a pretty masculine rainbow, right?
I sent this picture to my mom, and she commented that it looked just like Cam’s. 
I realized she was right. I sent the picture to Cam and he said he agreed. I asked him to send me a pic of his blanket and this is what I got:
Sloan is so cute.
Yeah I see it. Made me miss grandma. When I was done I wanted to call her and tell her all about it.

Anyway, I am getting toward the end of my pre baby craft list. 
Quilt square: Check
Quiet book: Check
Rainbow Blanket: Check
The last project I have to do is to finish the art projects that will hang on the walls of baby’s room. We have two blank canvases. One we want to make a letter L and the other will be… not sure yet. That will be an evening project that Karl and I will do together.  Sigh. We are at 61 days and counting.

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