Lucas Lately

A few little moments over the past couple of weeks about Luke:

Little Lucas is still in love with his new slippers. And refused to put on shoes the other day. He would however wear his slippers. I was in a hurry, and he was overjoyed.


After we got home from church I told Mirah to change out of her church clothing before lunch. Lucas took this as a cue to get out of his church colthing in the middle of the kitchen floor as fast as he could.


Potty training is still going nice and slowly. He only seems to want to do it if we are trying to get him to do something else.


Still lining up cars.




Lucas loves to sit on the back of the Honda with his dad. We were playing outside the other day and he asked to sit up there, then insisted that Karl sit with him.


Lucas still is loving to read. Here he is at a play date with our friends the Lunds, having Ivy “read him a bedtime story”


Oh this sweet little boy.

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