Getting Ready to Go

We’re getting ready for our big trip next week. We had loads to do. Laundry, paperwork, and so forth.

We’re going to be driving to Long Beach from Utah, so we had a few car repair projects. After getting the oil changed a check engine light came on. An O2 sensor was faulty, this was discovered after lots of leg work on my part.  Karl did some research, and decided to order the part, a tool, and borrow some ramps from a neighbor. Then repair the sensor himself.


Lucky for Karl, the kids were excited to try and help.



Lucas was very interested in what Dad was doing.


Mirah too.


After a morning on the ground, we went to get the tires rotated and breaks checked.


We found a place that would give us a better deal on Monday, and so made our appointment and left. We spend the first half of that snowy Monday squished in the Honda. We felt very thankful for the Rav4. 🙂

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