Day Out- Birthday Weekend

Since Mirah’s birthday was on a Sunday, I decided to so a few little special things for her on her special day.  Karl was sick as a dog that morning so Mirah and I went out to breakfast just the two of us. 
We agreed that blueberry pancakes were what we wanted. Guru’s was the place. 

A ladies breakfast. 
Mirah is like Ron Swanson, she LOVES breakfast food. But who doesn’t?
After breakfast we went and got Karl and took Mirah to see Cinderella. 
It was surprisingly good. The funnest part was there was a frozen short before the movie started that was all about Anna having a birthday. Mirah did not miss the coincidence. She called out, “It’s my birthday too!”

After the movie we headed over to the Reddoch’s house. We went out to a disastrous dinner, but still enjoyed out time together. 

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