3 at Last!

Bright and early on Sunday morning we were awoken by our birthday girls’s call:
“Mommy, Daddy, come out come out wherever you are!”
This is the mildly grumpy lady we found in her new birthday jammys from Grandma. 
We slowly got up and got ready. 
We had breakfast and presents. 
Mirah has been quite obsessed with being a doctor recently. So over breakfast we opened a few presents of dollar store doctor kits and a little counting book we read while we ate. 
Karl making us coconut pancakes, sausage, and eggs. 
Yumma Yumma Yumma. 
After breakfast, but before church, we started to get set up for a little party. 
Mirah picked the balloons. 

And the cake. 

We went to church, and when we got home we already had a visitor. Maryn had come, and Belle and Adam were on their way over. 
One quick pic in her church dress before we get it all dirty. 
Maryn is showing her how to pose. Unsuccessfully. 
Mirah and Me.
Playing Smash Brothers waiting for our other guests to arrive. 
Once everyone had arrived, we did some brief introductions for everyone, then CAKE and ICE CREAM TIME! 

Mirah just wanted the frosting. 

A mention of all of our visitors!
Nick, Judah and Asher. 
Betsy and Krysta. 
Steph (not pictured) Kelsey, Maryn, Adam and Belle. 

The Whitmore’s!
Including ZAC!
Time for presents!!! 
Homemade wrapping paper from Judah and Asher. 
Inside this radical doctor dress up kit! 
Lots of gifts from Grandma Pippy including cloths, stickers, note pads, and a cup. 
The Whitmore’s got Mirah this seriously awesome book called Rosie Revere Engineer. 

Belle and Adam got Mirah this cute little dress and a new swim suit with a kitten on it. 
Steph and Kelsey got Mirah this sweet crown. 

Maryn got Mirah a Tiara too. That was three new “queens” as Mirah says. 
She also got her some necklaces and cloths. 

Last significant present. 
A new tent for Mirah. 
The kids played like crazed animals downstairs. The adults sat upstairs and chatted. 
When the group started to depart, we did a quick google chat with my parents and Mirah. Here are a few glamor shots of Krystin from the chat. 

Mirah wanted to wear all of her new clothes today. 
From Maryn. 
From Adam. 
From Mom. 

All birthday’d out. We are almost all healthy. Excited to just rest.

Spent a lot of time thinking about my life three years ago, how much has changed. I feel so blessed and happy for this little life that is now a part of mine. It makes me feel more important to be her mother. She is so wonderful, so smart, so sweet and empathetic. So good. I just love her so much. 

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