Leaving Utah, on Our Way

After thinking about leaving the night before, because of the weather, we knew we would have, we decided to leave in the morning, because we thought it would be better to drive in the snow during the day, than at night. PLUS, we thought we might miss a portion of the storm if we could get south.

The plan seemed great. It was a stressful morning however .


Thankfully the kids didn’t mind. They were comfy and occupied.


Up front it was a whole different story. It made me think of road trips as a kid. I just LOVED being a passenger. In the “way back” with my game boy, and my disc man, just having some sweet me time. Even though I was mushed in there, I was happy to be in the car being entertained. Upfront, in charge, the feeling is totally different. Even though I wasn’t driving, I felt the stress like I were.



Getting to Beaver was harrowing. BUT we had come down the other way once, in the night, with snow, we couldn’t see anything, our windshield wipers weren’t working. This time we had a 4 wheel drive option and the wipers were working fine. PLUS we now have 10 more years of driving in the snow experience.


South of Beaver things were looking up!


I wanted to celebrate escaping the snow! The past few trips down to California, we have passed this sign on the freeway:



Best cinnamon rolls in the west. I LOVE cinnamon rolls. Despite the weather, we were making pretty good time. After doing a quick search online we could see that the shop wasn’t far off the freeway so Karl relented and made the stop.


There it is, a tiny little place on the main drag of Parowan. The Parowan cafe.


At nearly $3.00 a roll,  I went all in, and  got a half dozen.

I wish I had seen them, before I purchased:
















I mean, they really were supposed to look like this:



Okay, it had been a stressful and slightly disappointing morning, it was time to stop for bathroom, lunch, and gas.

Lucas was still covered in cinnamon roll.


















Lucas wasn’t the only one covered. Our poor car was showing the effects of her journey.



After a lunch at Jack in the Box, we were back on the road. We started to play the licence plate game. We had fruit snacks and swish rolls. We were all in good spirits.



After lots of traffic in the LA area, we got to Anaheim and checked into our hotel.

We looked around for food nearby and there just happened to be a Mongolian Grill across the street.


The menu seemed very comprehensive.


You start by getting a box of shaved rolled meat, and you get your veggies, then they cook it. It’s very organized.



















I mean if you have never had Mongolian before. I was just impressed with how organized this one place is.

The key to Mongolian grill, LOTS of noodles.
























We had lots of noodles. It was all really great. Karl and Lucas were having fun sharing noodles like Lady and the Tramp. My cuties.


















When we got to about Vegas, a check engine light came on. So after dinner I took the kids up to the room while Karl went out and found a auto parts store. We watched women’s Olympic curling until we got too sleepy to be awake, and the kids fell asleep.


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