Breakfast and the Olympics

After a terrible nights sleep, trying to get the kids to stay in the front room and sleep, we ended up with everyone in bed.


After a VERY slow morning of watching the Olympics in bed, my anxiety would not let us stay in bed any more.




This picture does no justice to the absolute ZOO that was in this room here. There were people everywhere, and every station was over run. It was nuts.

After getting done with eating we noticed that the US Men’s curling team was bowling for the gold. So we got into it. So back up to the room, we went up and watched the win the gold! It was seriously so awesome to watch. They are so so cute. Matt Hamilton is the guy with the mustache. He was just so grumpy cute. The are all great looking guys, but they just don’t look like the typical Olympic athletes. So to watch them do there thing was seriously so cool.

































Lots of fun little details, like the guy from the team in Sweden. In the corner there. He was cute too. I admit I kind of loved him, and would have been okay if he won.


Another fun detail. They stamped their metals wrong.


We were seriously into it. The kids were not tolerating it well.


All of this felt like a stall, to avoid having to think about waiting to get on the boat.

Here we go.

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