Off the Ship, The Drive Home

Getting off a Cruise ship can be VERY chaotic. There is a whole system in place, and our steward was sweet and got us some love number tags so we could get off more easily.


Still as we watched the ship come into port that morning, we were all feeling sad that the trip was ending.

IMG_6176.JPG IMG_6177.JPG

Last little video of the sweet room we stayed in. AS we waited to get off the ship.

Family Photo!

IMG_6181.JPG IMG_6189.JPG
IMG_6193.JPG IMG_6182.JPG

One last look at that view, and it was time to go.


We were off the ship with all our bags in no time. We paid a valet to help, which was SO nice.


We got to our car…but back luck, Mirah had left the cabin light on, and our battery was DEAD.


After an hour or flagging people down and begging one person after another for help, and getting rejection after rejection this woman:


helped. She was an ANGEL from heaven. First she helped us with a device of her own, and when it didn’t work she called a service man to help. It was the absolute worst, but was humbling. I realized I need to try to help others more.


ON the road.

We got outside of the city, and to a rest stop called Eddies world. That bathrooms were nice. They even had a video game in the urinals.



We bought fresh caramel corn, a new seal for Mirah to replace the one we lost, and a bag of sour candy for good measure.


After all of that sugar, the kids we zonked.




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