Mother’s Day Craft

So I am writing this post on Sunday April 26th. And am scheduling it to post on mother’s day in an effort to make sure it gets posted and also not to ruin the surprise for our mom’s gifts.

SO, about a month ago my mom sends we this picture of face book. I put this picture on my desk to save to remember to try this out sometime. 

This turned out to be what we call a Pinterest FAIL. If you have never heard of this term check out this blog:

So our Attempt:
Yikes. I had to fill in a little. 
Other foot.
The end result. Not bad… but seriously touched up!
We did hands next! 
It was quite a mess, but Mirah had such a great time doing it. 
She started to get impatient so we were only able to do one set of hands on one of them. 
She decided to do a little art of her own. 
Here she is doing her first solo painting. 
Meanwhile I finished up the potts. If you haven’t already guessed, we were sending them down to our mom’s and grandma’s for mother’s day. 

Mirah’s final product. 
The next day, Belle, Mirah and I did some homemade mother’s day cards too. 
We had fun making these little symbols of our love and appreciation for all you guys do. Thank you for being such great mothers and wonderful grandmothers.

So I had this post scheduled to appear on Mothers day. It comes up a week early because the pots got broken in transit. 🙁

SOOOO bummed. At least they have the cards we sent. 

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