Growth Board

So you may recall this from Mirah’s first birthday a couple  of years ago. 
I made it on her first birthday. 
It is a measurement board. My mom and dad have one in their kitchen and I love it. Knowing that we would be fairly transient for a while I wanted something I could easily take with us and add to as Mirah got older.  We ensured her on her second birthday too, and as people have come into the house over the years have been confused by the large green piece of wood standing in different areas of the house.
Finally I think it will be clear what it is!
I found some vinyl number sticker online which were made for the exact purpose I was hoping to use them for, A giant ruler.   
I wanted to do it but with poor little Mirah sick and my back giving me trouble during pregnancy Karl was on the job!

Mirah sitting on the floor watching. And sleeping. 
The end result. 

Now standing in little brother’s room. 

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