Kelsey’s Endowment

Friday my sweet cousin Kelsey went to the Draper temple to receive her endowment! She was so kind to invite me to join her. 

It was an intamate group.
Luisa, a friend from her ward. Me. Chelsea her escort. Then of course Kelsey. 
Aunt Janet joined us afterwards to congratulate her on this big step. 
Kelsey and her sweet Mom. 
Me, Belle and Kels.
They we went a little overboard and had a silly sisters photo shoot. 

I feel like you can see the week I have had on my tired face.
After the temple we went to Cheese Cake Factory with Kelsey and her family. 
Aunt Janet and Uncle Dave. 

Stephanie and Kels. 

Chelsea and Aunt Janet. 

My amazing dinner. 
Shepherd’s pie. 
I also got a slice of Red Velvet cheese cake.

What made the dinner all that more amazing was the Aunt Janet and Uncle Dave bought! It was amazing!

It  was nice to be with family for the night. So happy for Kelsey. For myself I am so grateful for the temple. I have found so many answers, comfort and peace as I have attended the temple. 

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