Garden Box

During the ward clean up our neighbor torn down our shared fence and threw all the wood on the curb to go to the dump. We spent one evening that week finding good pieces of wood. I had an epiphany while looking at the pile one day that we could use some reclaimed wood to do a few projects in our yard. The first of two such project:
The Garden Box.

After much discussion about how we were each envisioning the project I finally drew up a little plan. 

On Saurday mid day we put Mirah down for a nap and set to work.
Karl did all of the cutting, heavy lifting, and screwing.
I watched him, barked orders, and helped shift pieces around.
Here he is cutting the 4×4 into 15 inch segments. 

Then here he is cutting the 2×4 into 15 inch segments. 
Screing the fence planks onto the 4×4.

Keeping it efficient. 

The mostly final project. And placement. 
I will staple in some box liner next week after we get the mulch with some help from a friend from the ward. We also need to dig up the grass and make holes for the posts. So, lots left to do, but done for the day!

I keep looking our my window and seeing my garden boxes and feeling grateful and in love, with/for Karl.
It’s almost garden time!

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