Mazatlan: Pool Time and back with the kids

Well after a crazy boat ride, we had to wait for a second group of people to ride so we had a couple hours before we could go and try to get Mirah. (Spoiler Alert: Mirah didn’t ever get off the ship that day. But this Allison below, didn’t know that, she was just enjoying the moment, the flowers, the warm weather, and the great companion I was with.) Across the inlet to the ocean that we were driving on there was another side to the resort we were visiting. This side had a sweet pool and more free food.



We of course needed to check it out. I got my first virgin mai tai.


We sipped the ridiculously sweet drinks, Karl got a virgin pina colada, and we decided to take a dip in the pool.


The pool was really cool, BUT the water was really cold.

































Karl going down the slide.

We decided to go in to the cool cave under the slide.


The water was very cold. Very cold. So no one else was there. But there were lots of blind turns and corners so it felt like there were people everywhere.


The van drove us back to the ship soon after this. We didn’t have time to get the kids. So we ran to a little market near the port and did a little shopping, before picking up the kids. We divided and conquered. Karl and Lucas grabbed a couple of pizzas, Mirah and I went back to the room so we could change. Our view was still really great.



Even though the kids had been on the ship all day, they were both SUPER tired.They had painted little whale piggy banks, and made fish on Popsicle sticks.¬† They had such a great day. Mirah said she was glad she didn’t leave the ship, she had been worried all day we were going to take her away.


We ate our pizza and everyone fell asleep all over the place.


Somehow even though Karl and I were getting cleaned up and changed the kids migrated to our bed.


We had dinner again. It was fine.

This little guy was waiting for us when we got back.


Another great day in Mexico.

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