Mirah’s Fever

It has been a long week of strange illness.

So on Monday evening while the Lunds were over Mirah started to have a horse voice.  By 3:00 AM that night Mirah came into our room SOBBING. She was coughing a terrible cough and had a low grade fever at that point. 

Despite the fact that I was TOTALLY exhausted from my lack of sleep the night before Mirah’s spirits were high and she seemed tired but happy. That morning there was no runny nose, no coughing, and her fever seemed like it was gone. 
So we went to dance class, but things began to digress after that point. She did really great at class but when we got home she was crancky and refused to eat. She had a temperature at this point and it was all I could do to get her to drink some water and eat a few buttery noodles. 

Anther long night of many many tears, fever and no sleep. I asked her to smile here. But you can see it in her eyes. Her temperature was 102 this day. We started a round of fluids and she was refusing food at this point. We didn’t go to our normal play date that day since it was a sure thing that she was sick at this point. We spent most of the day in bed. 
Dress with her hair off of her neck. 
She actually slept through the night the night prior but her temperature was getting worse. 103.5. 
All I could get her to drink was water. No juice, or pedialite. 
We found this cute little dress that Kelsey had given us which turned out to be the best sick day dress. We had movie ticket for the night and I was calling Kelsey, our scheduled babysitter, to cancel. She insisted that we go so we did. 
She was up all night again on Thursday. This time, Karl went into her bed to try and sooth her and let me sleep. Poor guy didn’t get much sleep that night. 
Her temp was high again that morning, 103.6, so we made an appointment and saw the doctor.

He tested her for a bladder infection, an ear infection, pressed on her belly, took a urine sample, took her temperature…. The long and the short of it was that he said, “yeah she is sick.” We were told to push fluids. Keep an eye on her. If her fever was still high on Monday bring her in. 
Passed out on the way home.
I got her to eat 2 squeezys and a yogurt. She had two whole otter pops and lots of water. 
Down to 102!
Still she was super lethargic. She had been up a night again. We slept in until almost 10:30 then got to work on some projects around noon while she slept some more. 
Up all night another night. We were all DEAD asleep until almost 10. With little hope for improvement we took Mirah’s temp and were ready to cry when it was only 100!!! It was only 100 with no meds too!

We are hoping thing are finally better. She is eating full meals today. Just can’t believe it. It was starting to feel like she would never get any better.

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