Going’s On

Things are moving right along. 
Since leaving Legacy apartments our schedule has loosened up and we have set into a new set of things. FHE on Monday night every week of course. 
Tuesday is dance class. The recital is coming up in May and we are practicing to get ready. 
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are usually pretty free. Karl and I to the temple, or have a date night, or run errands on those evenings. 
Thursday is always pretty jam packed. We have been going to story time and then getting library books on Thursdays.  There is a Lap Time at 10. It is geared for younger kids but Mirah really loves all of the songs and puppets we see there. 
 Then there is story time. 
This week the theme was COOKIES! Mirah got picked for audience participation! 
 Here she is with our little buddy Millie Lund. She is 5. She has two little sisters that we play with too. Her family is in our ward. We all meet up most Thursdays at story time. 
 A funny little book I found this week about an ant eater named Sloan. He befriends and little lady ant named Philamina. It made me think of my cute nephew Sloan. 
This week after story time we had a picnic at the park with the Lunds. It was quite fun.  

In other news: 
 Yep this Thursday I dipped into double digits in days left. Now I am officially in my third trimester. I have three months to go. I am 26 weeks along…and now seriously counting. The uncomfortable stage has begun. 

Thursday nights are also Webelos. This month we have been hosting at our house. Karl is a Webelos leader. I am not. His co-leader is a dude from the 1st ward I think. Here is Karl playing basketball with the boys. 
Friday’s I do all my checkup house work and get ready for the weekend. We will go on a date or have what we call Family Date night.  
The weather is getting warmer, and we are spending more of our time in the yard, and fixing up the house. The birds are out and we are enjoying watching them eat our little seed bird feeder. 
Feeling really sick, but super grateful these days. 

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