At the Museum

Bright and early Monday morning we had a play date with our friends the Bartons. 
We met up at Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Natural Curiosity. 
Mirah was excited to play. 

First stop, tracing corner! 
Here are Claire and Aline!
Sweet little Thatcher. 
Mirah’s wood tracing. 

Next the rope bridges! 

There was a plain at the top of the climb and it was a little shakey and made loud noised that freaked Mirah out. 
Mirah found the interactive Vet zone. She found a stethoscope and talked about talked about how she wants to be a doctor. I was SO happy. I would LOVE it if she decided to be a doctor. 
Aline and Mirah. 
A the kids international market. Mirah found a shal. 
Kids play garden. 

At the end, in the photo booth. 
Maybe next time. 
We are thinking about getting a membership, Mirah had such a great time. 

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