Dustin’s Home Coming

Sunday morning in Logan came bright and early. The house was full of sleeping people and this guy!
After two long years of faithful service in Colombia Elder Dustin Hicken was home at last!

His mom was VERY excited.

We were the first family up and ready. Next Chase’s family since they also have young children.
Mirah and Brookie were back together again. 
Karl read the girls stories as the others began to eat breakfast. 
Uncle Greg had made his delicious sour dough waffle mix and there was a waffle iron on the counter hot and ready to use. We had one each. YUM!

The Hicken home is half a block from the church so we all waked together. 
It was still flowery springtime and Mirah was enjoying the flowers. 

Chase and Yeon Mi Blessed little Kennedy and it was LOVELY. 
This was a steal from Facebook from Megan a close Hicken family friend.
I didn’t take many pictures this day. I was feeling kind of terrible by the end of church so I have stolen a bunch of pictures from Karl’s cousin Darilyn’s Facebook page. I will label her shots with a D.
Really most of the pictures I took that day were of Brooklyn and Mirah. 
The happy Parents:
Here are Yeon Mi and her little Kennedy after church:
Such a cutie!
All but one of the Hicken kids were there:
Grandpa Barney, his brother Uncle Allen and Aunt Maryland. They were with us the night before while we visited Grandma and grandpa. D.
 Here is Megan Brown that I was telling you about. He boyfriend, and Grandma Barney. D.
We spent a bunch of time with Nicole. This girl is amazing. She drove all the way from Missouri with both the kids on her own. Poor little Addie was in a cast, and was miserable the whole time. There was engine trouble, and by the time they got to Utah both kids had a cold. BUT they made it!
William and Mirah had lunch together. 
All eating was over once Mirah found Brooklyn in the sandbox. 
They played together for HOURS!

Also THIS.
Grape Lime Ricki. 
It was so nice to be with family. Thanks so much to Uncle Greg and Aunt Shirlene for letting us stay and for breakfast and lunch and for opening their home to us! 

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