The Polar Express

My friend Camille Hoffman is from Lindon. She has some family friends who are serious about Christmas. She got me hooked up with the family who runs this super cool Polar Express train at their house. 
The tracks are built into the cement. 
The whole operation is a well oiled machine. 
Here we are waiting to get on the train. 

Getting on the train. 
We jusmped on and the whole things was lite up with a musical score and everything. First stop on the train, the NORTH POLE!
We met SANTA!!!
He gave her a bell and a sees candy stick. 

After a reminder from Santa about the true meaning of Christmas the tone of the train changed. It was all about the birth of the Savior. The music changed. 
Here we are posing on a train. 

The kids. 

Dinner at Nicos. 
Great night. I would tots do this again. 

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