Feeding the Ducks in Orem

The kids have been playing together so well these days. So Betsy and I have tried to have some weekly play dates over the past couple of weeks to get them together to play.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Neilson’s Grove Park. It is this HUGE park with a big duck pond, fountains, lots of play ground equipment.

Yeah, there is a pond, but also LOTS of ducks. The ducks were hungry. We brought a bag of bread. They ate it up! 
The birds caught the bread in the air. I got bitten twice.
The second time I got bitten it shocked me so much the broke the Styrofoam cup I was drinking out of at the time.

The kids grew tired of the aggressive ducks. They played on the big slides together. 

Look at that hair. Look at that hair. It is getting so cute and long. She is such a beautiful girl. Who loves corn dogs.

My battery died so I wasn’t able to get all the pictures of all the cuteness. They found a “maze” as Judah called it. There were some low hedges with tall grass in the middle. The kids ran around. It was fun. 

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