Fall Fun Time with Maryn

Fall is here, and I am finally excepting it. First step, the Fall decor.
The best part was that the day we were getting it all together the lovely MARYN surprised us and arrived to spend the day.

There were a couple of Halloween crafts I wanted to try. Maryn and Mirah started on the first one:
Ghost Hands. 

This is one I thought of myself, and it KIND of worked out. It might need some retooling. 
So we took some white tissue paper, traced Maryn and Mirah’s hands. Cut them out in a four sheet stack.  
Then I took two of them and taped them together. Then I drew a face on the top of the first one. 
Mirah and Maryn did the rest. 
We then taped them all over the house. 
These two are Mirah and Maryn. Maryn’s ghost is sleeping. 

These are Karl and me. 
While they cut and decorated I worked on the other craft:
I took cleaned out milk jugs, most of them donated by the awesome Reddochs, and removed the labels and all the colored plastic. 
Then I drew on faces. 

I cut holes in the back, and put a little bit of sand in the bottom. 
I used one of the solar powered string of summer lights and stung them through the back holes. 
I am not sure how I feel about them…are they a little tacky?

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