Holding on to Summer

So one cool thing that happened this summer is Mirah learned loads about swimming. She loves to be dunked. She loves to jump from the deck or the steps into my arms. She loves to sit on the steps and swim to me. She loves to swim all by herself to the wall. She is a really good kicker and can keep her face in the water for maybe 10 seconds. She mostly propels herself off of my chest. She loves to hang off of the wall and the drop into the water until her feet touch the bottom.
(MOM. I know all of these things worry you, I am right by her side at all times.) 
The pool at the complex will probably close this week.  In an effort to get out there before it does, we went out this morning with our friends.
We were the first to arrive. So we waited at the park in the shade until our friends showed up.

Here is Mirah in her towel dress. I love this little dress, especially since it is still stained with tomatoes.  All summer, she would grab a hand full of tomatoes on our way to the pool. 

I love this picture, the little boat looks like a surf board. 
 Sydney, Camille, Sarina, Rex, Wesley and Addie arrived and the party started.

Here is Sarina on one of our pool floaties! She was timid at first but eventually started to love the water. We couldn’t get her out in the end. 
 Mirah hanging out on the steps.
 She was getting upset about sharing the pool toys. She usually gets board with them, but since the other kids wanted to use them, she didn’t want to share. 
 Here are Wesley, Camille and Addie.
 Sydney and Rex. 
 The pool is definitely one of my favorite parts of living in this complex. These girls and their wonderful families make being a manager awesome. The rose colored glasses that seem to go on right as you are transitioning are on now. As we are getting ready to move forward and away from managing, it makes me sad that we won’t see each other as much. 
Also, sad to see the warm summer days go. Today was really fun thought. Mirah was ZONKED afterwards. 

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