Dance Class

So fall dance classes are here!
Mirah was really excited to get started again. 
 We finally broke down and got Mirah an outfit just for dance:
Doing some spins in her new outfit. 
Her shadow is so elegant. 
Walmart. I know the great and spacious Walmart. BUT, this little leotard was $7.89 and the next best price I could find was $14.99. That is pretty big savings. 
A few things have changed. 
1. Dansation finally got a sign!

Mirah doing a little dance for me as I took pictures. 
2. Mirah has a New teacher:

 This is Miss Jessie. She is super sweet. 

Mirah loves her. She does miss her old teach Miss Camille. On our way home Mirah asked, “where is Miss Camille?”
3. No cousins or friends we knew before.

BUT lots of new friends. 
4. Mirah is doing much better at following instructions
 She still struggles with focus. 

But she is doing LOTS better than the summer. I am glad that she did summer session with Camille. She was comfortable with her and was so usually happy to be there. She learned  the drill. Now she is doing much better at following along with her teacher and getting more out of class.
It is really cool to see.
5. Dance class is still a ton of fun! (I guess that isn’t new)

 Here they are with their pom poms. 
 Mirah loves to look at herself in the mirror.  

 Little ballerina’s waiting their turn. 
Also, there is a recital in December. AHHH, I can’t wait. 

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