Pickin’ Some Berries!

It’s fall time and that means that it’s berry picking time! So we headed out to Mapleton to Mc Brides Brier patch.

Lets start with the weather, WHAT A PERFECT NIGHT of weather. Seriously, it was just wonderful. Then there were was the horse. It is always so much fun for us townie’s to see a big beautiful animal. 

The patch was CRAZY full of people. Unfortunatly that meant there were slim pickings…literally!
Mirah was undeterred. We grabbed out buckets and we were off!

We spoke to the owner and she said she just didn’t know how to slow things down. They are closing on Tuesdays and Thursdays to allow time for things to ripen. We still found a few though. 
Mirah was in good spirits. She ate about as many as we ended up with in the end. 
Visiting McBrides Briar Patchis seriously one of my favorite things we do all year. 

Betsy and the boys were having some fun too. 

The briar patch shares a boarder with an amazing little farm with all kids of crazy animals like lamas and mountain goes and deer.  Mirah and Judah enjoyed watching them. 
It was about at this point that we started to smell a skunk. We never saw him but the smell was getting pretty strong by the time we left. Mirah didn’t seem to mind. She was enjoying the adventure of searching though the pocky leaves in search of some sweet berries. 

Asher was serious about it. He wanted to hold his bucket and was very concerned that I was going to eat his berries. 
Every time Mirah and I found a berry she said, “oooohhh!” while making this face. 
Slowly we found some berries. 

Judah was really pleased with his haul and was excited to show the farmer. 
Paying for our berries and chatting with the owner. She told us all of their plans and told us all about how things were going this year. 
We bought some garlic and got some peaces too. We come back here every year because it is such a fun place. The owners are so sweet. I am so happy for them and their success, yet I am sad that it seems the secret is out and the days of buckets of berries are over. 
One last look before we headed out. 
Mirah wouldn’t put her raspberries down.  
As we usually do, we picked flowers on our way out. 

One last look at the horse. 
Ok, a few more looks. 

Trying to get a picture of these three was comedy.  They were having a hard time following my instructions. And they were impatient to be done. 
Mirah still insisting that she hold on to her berries. 
This one is my favorite. 

On our way home we stopped at the sonic in Springville.  We got shakes and while the kids played Karl, Betsy and I planned our camping trip that is coming up this weekend.

Until next year.

PS: My flowers this morning.

Raspberries with breakfast.

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