Chalk the Block 2014

So while the guys were at Fish Lake for BRO FEST 2014, all the Legacy Apartment Ladies and kids were at Chalk the Block 2014.
I am thinking of doing it next year. It might be fun. And for a $20 entry fee you get a bag, a box of pastels, a tee shirt and a lunch one of the days. 
Plus, you get to sit in the sun for three days. 
Oh, did I mention that Zac was also out of town? So Karen and Krysta were also with us. Here they are enjoying this mural?
Here are Camille and Wesley. This was a really cool use of the hash marks next to handicap parking. 
Sydney and Sarian with Addie and Rex too. 

Mirah and Karen wanted to take a picture next to the mermaid. 
There were even some that you should look at to get the best perspective:

The beginnings of Starry Night, for Mom.

This one made me think of Karl, as did the one below:

Mirah kept saying, “Frozen mom, Frozen!”

One cool thing was that all the proceeds or donations went to my out work, Heritage Schools. 
It was getting hot so Mirah had to get into the splash pad despite the fact we had no suit for her. 

She started to get cold so we got out and started to color on the sidewalk. 
Serina wanted to color too. 
Krysta and Karen. 
This guy, is actually kind of a local celebrity: Jess Smart Smiley. He is an artist and writer:
He was there with his family. 
He was very encouraging of Mirah’s efforts. 
His finished design. 
Mirah was cold, and Krysta was being sweet. 

We had dinner at the park together. Krysta and Karen slept over! Really fun night.

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