Mirah Now

A Mirah update for Grandmas.

He little face is just my favorite.
Her hair is getting crazy long, and her eyelashes are still so thick and long.
She and I talk all day and she loves to sing and dance. 

Mirah’s dimples are my favorite things. She has dimples on her cheeks and on her back right above her waist. My favorite dimples are he knuckles. So cute. I love to hold her hands. Luckily she still loves to hold my hand too. Sometimes we will be driving and she will say, “Mommy, I need to hold your hand, right now.” She loves to lay in bed with Karl and I and hold my hand and Karl’s hand. 

Eating is a struggle, as it has always been. She of course loves candy which I limit as much as possible. Things she will always eat: Apple Sauce, yogurt, and noodles. Just plain noodles. No salt or pepper or butter. Just plain bow tie pasta or whatever we have on hand. 
Potty training is going well. She is daytime potty trained. She is getting really good about telling us she needs to go, and is getting good with the mechanics of taking off her clothes to go to the bathroom. A potty treat that really motivates her right now is jewelry. We bought a little bag of 10 plastic bracelets for 60 cents and we give them to her as she goes. We just keep reusing them, she doesn’t seem to mind/notice-yet. She is able to hold it during naps, and is even having dry diapers through the night. It is exciting that we are seeing the end of diapers. 
 She recognizes and names lots of colors. We are working on the concept of SHADES right now. That even though two colors are not exactly the same they can both be called the same color. 
She can recognize and name A B C D E K O P W Y Z every time. Others she knows sometimes, and can do with help. We are working on them. We practice colors and names and love to listen to Sesame Street Sings the ABC’s and of course Disney. 
While we drive she loves to point out things as we go. She always seems to know where we are, and where we are about to be. She will call out where we are going as she recognizes  it. “Betsy’s house?” “This is my Church”  “This is Daddy’s work, kalticks”

She love to run around outside at our community park and play on the slide. She LOVES the water and would swim every day if she could.  It has been great having a pool. She can kick and swim to the steps and hold on the the side. She loves to be underwater. Every time we swim I come home with bruises on my chest and stomach from her kicking off of me. 
Dessing up and playing pretend are a big part of our everyday. Today she was pretending to be Cinderella with a headband as a crown. We practiced curtsying together. She thought it was HILARIOUS. She loves to put on her backpack and tell me that she is going to school. She counts to 12, and we are practicing the teen numbers.
She is starting to want to help me clean, which I love and hate. She has a little broom that my Aunt Janet gave us.  She loves to help me sweep of course but even more loves to fly on it. Karl will lift her up while on the broom and pretend to fly all around the house. 
She still plays with her doll house and her kitchen when we are home. She serves me tea and makes me meals on the little plates. She will bring me a plate with a knife and fork and say, “Here Mommy, here is some chicken for you.” I will pretend to eat it, and she will say, “Oh, you are done? I will get you some more.” 
She knows all the words to TONS of songs.
She knows:
I Am a Child of God
I love to see the temple
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Here we are together
My Love is Higher than a Hawk

Many Many More.

She loves to talk to me about her feelings. I am not always sure that she means what she is telling me, but is fun to have conversations with her. I love to hear her tell me about what we did that day. She is like a little mirror right now. Sometimes in an effort to distract he when she is fighting bedtime, I will list off all of the things we are going to do the next day. The next morning she will list off everything to me so I don’t forget. She will tell her dad all the things we did in a day, and Karl says she uses the same intonations and rhythms that I use as I speak.

She is just wonderful. I love her so much. 

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