Taste of the Valley

While at the grocery store last week Krysta pointed out this flyer to me:
 We had been once before and it was a blast. It had been YEARS, but we threw caution to the wind and headed out anyway!
Basically this is how it works. 
You pay for a ticket. The you get a wrist band and a punch card that allows you to get food from each of the vendors on the card. The list was long. Noodles and Co, Rubios, Guru’s, Schwan’s, Rita’s Frozen Ice, and tons more. There were a few food trucks even. It was really good and really fun!
Mirah having a Schwan’s cotton candy push pop. 
 There were also booths for non food providers like this one from the BYU football club. 
 Mirah earned all of the sacks. 
 Along with our punch card they give you a tray to carry all of your food in. Some of our samplings in the first half of food. One really cool thing was that Coca Cola was a vendor, so there was basically unlimited canned soda and water bottles. SWEET!

 My favorite bite of the day:
YUM. It is from a food truck called Special Coerces. 
 The French toast truck called The Matterhorn, was the longest line with the LEAST payoff. 
 A lady at a table full of flyers was handing out cotton candy, of which I didn’t even get a bit because Mirah ate it all up! 
She played in the bounce house, at tons of food, and danced to the live music. 
Great food, fun event, and I even was given some free noodle coupons for Noodle and Company. We left was lots of great coupons actually, not to mention our belly’s full of food. 

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