Ogden Temple Dedication

BRIGHT and EARLY (6AM) on Labor day, we were up and going.
On the road by 6:30 AM at the temple in Ogden Utah before 8. We were among the first group to go through that morning. Last chance before the dedication. 
Odd to think that just a few years ago the temple looked like this:
Now it looks like this:
We were up before Mirah was really awake. 
Here she is still wearing braids that Krysta had done for her the night before. 
Snuggling with Dad. Staying warm. 
Trying to smile.
Mirah and Dad. 
Hite family!
We waited in line for about 15 minutes. The line on the other side is for people wanting to get in on Stand By. We thankfully had tickets!
Mirah was waking up, and so started running around. 
She stopped and stared at the temple. 
Then started twirling. 

We went through and saw how lovely this new temple had become. After our walk through we went into the exhibition tent. 
Mirah stopped and stared some more. 

They had photo opps!
We of course took this one. 
Then we took a few more:

On our way back to the car Mirah wanted a drink from the fountain. Karl said some poor church building was missing all of their fountains. Mirah insisted on taking a drink from each one. 

Mirah loved the fountain. 

We made the right choice. The line seemed to get longer and longer. 

We went to breakfast afterwards a a local hot breakfast spot called Criddles. 
Famous for fork art:
A bike!
The review we read before going said to make sure to have their sweet role. 
Mirah just wanted a million gallons of water. 
Karl got a french toast breakfast sandwich. 
I got Ellie’s breakfast. One egg, two sausage patties, hasbrowns…
AND a scone. 
And we got a sweet role for good measure. 
I made sure to put the fork in the picture for scale. This thing was MASSIVE. It was hot and delicious. We spent the entire date eating off of this thing. SO good. 
We left feeling FAT and happy. 

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