8 Years-Together Forever

8 Years ago, I married Karl. Saying things like “my best friend” or “my soul mate” don’t seem like enough some how. “My other half” comes close yet still not enough. 

The day of our Anniversary there was a knock on the door.
I found these flowers waiting for me.  
Karl was waiting too. Hiding to see my reaction. Grinning at me.  Eight is the anniversary of pottery and linen. Also Bronze. Also Lace. Karl got me flowers in a ceramic vase. Sweet. 
We took a little weekend away. We stayed in a nice hotel downtown. 
Had an awesome Greek dinner at Spitz:
Street Cart Fries
Doner Wrap. 
Then over to Bruges Waffles and Frits
For a sweet creme delight! 
Hard not to get it in your mustache. 
After dinner we went on the Grim Ghost Tour of SLC. It was the outer reaches tour. We made it all the way out to Ted Bundy’s house behind the hotel Utah. Yuck, just yuck.
The bus ride was hilarous. The people were the best and worst part of the night. 
The bus…spooky. 
One of our stops at the Masonic Temple of SLC. 

After the tour, we went out to the PIE for a late night snack. SO good, SO greasy! 
The next morning we were up LATE, I mean for us super late, 10 AM. We went down to the pool and sat in the hot tub and reminisced about all the things that have happened in the last 8 years.  
We skipped breakfast and went right to lunch at one of our favorite places: Hong Kong Tea House and Restaurants. 
Dim Sum…YUM.
We went to IKEA after lunch and got Mirah a box of pink band aids and some new glasses. 

We got back home around 5, picked Mirah up and met up with Nitsy for dinner at Jaquine park. 

We finished our dinner before anyone else had arrived.
Relaxed on the grass together. It was a wonderful day.

Feeling so grateful for my luck. Yes luck. Better yet, blessed. What a wonderful life. 

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