Brithday Weekend

Thursday night I finally went to urgent care. 
I had a sinus infection. 
Still, the paid for the hotel, we bought the Park City passes, and Karl’s parents were committed to watching Mirah. I packed the bags, but forgot makeup. 
 Looking tired. 
 But happy! What a beautiful day!
 After an amazing night of Sushi, ice cream, and movies, we were raring to go on the mountain the next morning. 
 One thing that we hadn’t noticed before were all the little gophers and marmots. They were everywhere from under the lifts to beside the coster to on the slides. 
 We always seem to forget how much fun the alpine slides are. 

 Mean while back at the ranch, Mirah was having a blast with her Grandpa and Grandma Hite. 

 They went out to dinner, then to a movie . 
When we rolled into town on Saturday evening she was just in love with her Grandparents. 
We spent Saturday night at the Reddoch’s house.
We played cards against humanity and had a heated discussion about current events. 
We woke up in the morning, had a delicious breakfast and waved goodbye to the Grandparents and twins who were off to California! We spent the rest of the day with Nitsy. 
Great weekend. 

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