Kingsman Train, Route 66 to Yuma AZ

After being on the road for a little while, we made our next stop at Kingsman AZ.

There was a really cool old train to check out, and the Route 66 Museum.

We did some climbing around on the train before we headed over to the museum.


Picture time!!!

IMG_7369.JPG IMG_7372.JPG

IMG_7373.JPG IMG_7374.JPG

IMG_7376.JPG IMG_7377.JPG

IMG_7378.JPG IMG_7380.JPG
IMG_7382.JPG IMG_7383.JPG
IMG_7385.JPG IMG_7386.JPG
IMG_7388.JPG IMG_7389.JPG


IMG_7391.JPG IMG_7394.JPG

This train was seriously massive.


IMG_7397.JPG IMG_7399.JPG
IMG_7400.JPG IMG_7401.JPG

IMG_7403.JPG IMG_7404.JPG

I mean the wheels were as tall as Karl.

IMG_7405.JPG IMG_7406.JPG

Family picture time!!

IMG_7408.JPG IMG_7409.JPG
IMG_7410.JPG IMG_7411.JPG

It wouldn’t be a family vacation photo if at least one kids was not willing to cooperate for a picture. The reason? He wasn’t able to sit on the seat that Mirah was on.


Malia, then the Pipkin Hites on the Train.

IMG_7413.JPG IMG_7420.JPG
IMG_7421.JPG IMG_7422.JPG
IMG_7426.JPG IMG_7427.JPG
IMG_7428.JPG IMG_7429.JPG

The Reddochs.

IMG_7414.JPG IMG_7415.JPG
IMG_7416.JPG IMG_7417.JPG

IMG_7432.JPG IMG_7433.JPG
IMG_7434.JPG IMG_7435.JPG

Lucas was very interested in all the components of the train. We actually spent a lot of time guessing what all the different things did.

IMG_7442.JPG IMG_7441.JPG

The kids on the steps! So, Asher. I am very annoyed about his faces, I think it is about his new braces. I hope. As weird as the faces he is pulling are, that is how CUTE Judah is being. The other kids too.

IMG_7457.JPG IMG_7447.JPG
IMG_7456.JPG IMG_7449.JPG
IMG_7450.JPG IMG_7451.JPG
IMG_7452.JPG IMG_7453.JPG

Sweet baby Ginger.


I love Rosie and Lucas in the background with their hands on their knees behind her.

IMG_7461.JPG IMG_7462.JPG

Cutie Judah.

IMG_7463.JPG IMG_7465.JPG

Lucas and Rosy.

IMG_7466.JPG IMG_7467.JPG
IMG_7469.JPG IMG_7468.JPG

Asher, Mirah, and Jude.

IMG_7472.JPG IMG_7473.JPG

Besty and her cutie kids.

IMG_7475.JPG IMG_7474.JPG

IMG_7477.JPG IMG_7476.JPG
IMG_7479.JPG IMG_7478.JPG

Power House, Visitors Center, Route 66 memorabilia everywhere.

IMG_7480.JPG IMG_7481.JPG



IMG_7483.JPG IMG_7484.JPG

Lucas was getting his kicks on Route 66, and being so cute about this Cars poster.

IMG_0911.JPG IMG_0914.JPG

After the museum, there was still a little time after that to get home. We decided to find a place to eat that was good on the road and stop there.


We found a Chipotle in Lake Havasu City, so we stopped there.

And checked out the London Bridge while we were there too.

IMG_7485.JPG IMG_7486.JPG

We were on the 95 for what seemed like forever…


Passed a UFO…

IMG_7488.JPG IMG_7490.JPG

And seemingly got separated, but not really. It was exciting to be SO SO SO close to my mom and Dad. I miss them so so so so much.


We got to Grandma and Grandpas house before 6. BUT even though it was mid week, we had a lot of trouble finding anywhere to eat. After three tries, we ended up at Five Guys. And Lucas was asleep. There was Drama in the Reddoch car too.

IMG_7493.JPG IMG_7495.JPG

Grandma and Grandpa on the other hand, well they were just so excited that everyone was there.


IMG_7497.JPG IMG_7498.JPG

We ended up back at the house, and got the kids in bed immediately.

Jim and Lynnelle had moved in a month before, and had been working an hour away from work…so they needed some help unpacking. We helped set up the deck furniture, and take the plastic off of the chairs in the kitchen. We talked and laughed and had a nice time together.

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