Pool Party at Grammy Lynny and Papa Jimbo’s

After a slow morning of breakfast cereal and unpacking Grandma and Grandpa-the kids were SO stoked to get into the pool!

IMG_7500.JPG IMG_7501.JPG
IMG_7504.JPG IMG_7503.JPG

The day was warm, the pool was comfortable, and the kids were mostly having a blast.

IMG_7506.JPG IMG_7508.JPG

Lucas was torn. He wanted to be in the water, but the draw to the slide and swings was very strong.

IMG_7509.JPG IMG_7513.JPG
IMG_7516.JPG IMG_7517.JPG

Mirah loved to sit on the deck on the floats, but the girls wanted to be in the water on the floats.

IMG_7511.JPG IMG_7512.JPG
IMG_7514.JPG IMG_7515.JPG

Lunch break of PBnJ


IMG_7518.JPG IMG_7519.JPG IMG_7520.JPG
IMG_7524.JPG IMG_7526.JPG

Which suited Grandpa just fine, so he stay in and enjoyed a little float.


After lunch the little kids got back in the pool.

IMG_7528.JPG IMG_7530.JPG
IMG_7531.JPG IMG_7532.JPG
IMG_7534.JPG IMG_7535.JPG
IMG_7536.JPG IMG_7537.JPG
IMG_7538.JPG IMG_7541.JPG

Me and my little lady, peanut butter face.

IMG_7543.JPG IMG_7544.JPG

We all wanted to be done, but the kids wanted to stay in. So Asher, Ginger, Rosy, and Grandpa kept swimming.

IMG_7553.JPG IMG_7554.JPG
IMG_7555.JPG IMG_7556.JPG


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