Lincoln Park Zoo

The cheapest parking of the trip, at $6.00 an hour, we found out way to a totally FREE Zoo.
The Lincoln Park Zoo.
We stopped for lunch there, a good way to support the Zoo we thought. 

First stop the monkeys. Mirah LOVED the monkey’s.

She kept running from room to room. Pointing at them, running to the next room, saying, “Hi Monkey!”
They had a pretty cool sea lion exhibit. You went under ground and watched them swim around. 

Again, Mirah LOVED it. 
We actually spent quiet a lot of time there too. The day was in the 90’s (yeah had to believe after that freezing night at the ball park)

To the Lion house.
We are saying, “raaarrr”
They have a HUGE polar bear.

This little Rhino was just born!
Mirah that he was so cute. 
What was even cuter was when they roller around in the mud to cool off. 
Or when Karl drank and this tiny fountain with an little elephant statue on it. That was really cute. 
On to the Africa Adventure! 

Then Mirah found the MIRKATS!

Walking out of the Zoo, Mirah was kuput. 

Made it back with MINUTES to spare! Miracle. 
Passed the famous Abe statue on our way out. 
The John Hancock Center.
A late Lunch at Gene’s & Jude’s a famous Chicago hot dog stop. 
Mirah was just excited that we let her have her own drink that wasn’t water for the fist time in her life.
The hotdog:
Yeah there are two dogs in there. They are just like what I had in Albania, they SNAP in your mouth when you bite into them and you get thin in a string. 
Happy to be eating…so normal. 
Shark face.
They also sold these. They were advertise all over the city, so we thought we ought to try what ever it was. The guy behind the counter was surprised that we wanted one. 
It tasted like…curry paste. Why do they exist?
We actually did a little shopping that night. We went to some local bagin centers, and got a bunch of random new cloths. 
For dinner we went to the closest place that we could get Italian Beef:
Actually pretty good. The peppers were too spicy for my taste though. 
Karl noticed that everyone ahead of us kept ordering the chicken sandwich, so he decided to get one too. When this came out…we were pleasantly surprised. It was a lot like something I had in New York. This was my second favorite meal of the trip. 
Karl’s favorite meal of the trip, the Football Gyro. A MASSIVE and delicious gyro. 
Went to bed fed and happy. 

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